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2011-09-04 20:58:56 by Upyourarsenal24



2010-10-04 11:41:24 by Upyourarsenal24



2010-09-01 23:29:03 by Upyourarsenal24

I love you, and I think you are the most beautiful girl Ive ever met. You are just amazing, :).

3rd Practice

2010-03-29 21:59:58 by Upyourarsenal24

The singer brought over another guitarist and he played a little riff. That little riff turned into an idea, that idea turned into a song, that song kicks ass. I just can't believe we are getting better this fast!

2nd Band Practice.

2010-03-17 10:06:43 by Upyourarsenal24

We had an all right practice. The bassist showed up but not not the guitarist. Daylight savings stole an hour away from us. So we had a thirty minute jam session.

C'mon Weekend!

2010-03-12 14:59:42 by Upyourarsenal24

Second band Practice is around the corner.
This is gonna be great.

First Band Practice

2010-02-28 17:08:04 by Upyourarsenal24

It was good. I have to say we were a bit shabby but we made a song.
All was well.


2010-02-18 11:08:26 by Upyourarsenal24

The thing about patience is that it so boring. I'm trying to be patient for the upcoming week. Reason: First band practice. Igott and I are starting a band with a couple of people and we are pumped. Hopefully all this snow we're getting will close school for a couple of more school days so it won't be as bad.

Happy New Year.

2010-01-16 11:03:58 by Upyourarsenal24

The decaders are coming!!!!

There's still hope

2009-12-20 23:44:14 by Upyourarsenal24

Scanning the BBS trying to find my post.
I was doomed from the start.
Thanks to that cruel mod.
We must do something...
We must fight!
Grab a gun and rebel!
Rebel I say!
Yell as loud as you can so he knows...
We are coming.

There's still hope